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Unfortunately due to Coronavirus restrictions the Hemingway bar is closed for a month. I hope that business will resume from mid December.

THE SERENDIPITY COCKTAIL. photo by Mickael Bandassak

October 28, 2020
THE SERENDIPITY COCKTAIL. photo by Mickael Bandassak

The Serendipity was created at around midnight or a bit later on the 31st December 1994 for a friend named Jean Louis. He wanted a cocktail that would go well with a Cazadores cigar made by Sancto Spiriti for Romeo y Julieta, a havana cigar to be brief.

One should use a Tumbler.
1 small T spoon of white crystal sugar.
1oz. or 3cl. of Calvados from Pays d'Auge V.S.O.P.
1 or 2 full branches of fresh mint. (do not take off the leaves or whack the mint leaves which seems a little sadistic!).
Stir the fresh mint into the Calvados so as the leaves are well imbibed with ths apple eau de vie.
Add 2oz. or 6cl. of CLEAR APPLE JUICE. I use a company called "Ferme de Billy".
Now pop in plenty of ice cubes( It would be nice if they were made with Vittel or Evian mineral water.
Time to pour to the brim Champagne and gently stir, but dont let too many bubbles dissapear by overstirring.

To your health!



Tsukino Katsura. of Masuda San

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