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I hav'nt been able to celebrate the 100 years of the bar but probably shall try to do a 101 party

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A Special Cocktail for Sophia Coppola

October 02, 2013

Sophia created a beautiful handbag with Louis Vuitton. I had to create a cocktail that would communicate the passion, style and colors that exuded from this creation. Well, here it is , a long drink w(...)

A Super Cocktail promotion with Bruce Willis

June 24, 2010

Bruce Willis re-lives his bartender days with me at the Ritz bar. We create and shake a new cocktail simply called, « Bruce Willis ».

Kate Moss wedding cocktail creations

June 02, 2011

An Extract from VOGUE U.K September Edition 2011 :«(..) Colin Field and his team from the bar Hemingway at the Ritz Paris are setting up the bar on the dance floor. They will be serving the « Kat(...)